What we are upto?

We are working on multiple projects such as the Healthcare Development Project, Mission 100% Electrification, Dairy Revolution Project, Swacch Bihar Project, Solar Bihar Project, Green Bihar Initiative, Street Light Bihar Project, Mission Rozgar, and various other projects in order to accomplish our ultimate goal of building Olipur Sarhachiya, a smart village and then apply the same model for transforming villages of Sitamarhi district and other parts of Bihar into smart villages.

The intent behind our smart village initiative is to prevent the villagers from migrating to urban areas and smart cities and creating enough opportunities for them in their own villages.

Our Projects

Swacch Bihar Project

Construction of Community Toilets and Individual Household Toilets and ensuring cleanliness all around

Mission 100% Electrification

Aiming to Complete 100% Electrification in Villages of Sitamarhi and other parts of Bihar by 2024

Healthcare Development Project

Strengthening Healthcare Infrastructure and Improving Access to Medical Support in remotest parts of Bihar

Green Bihar Initiative

Protection and Restoration of Green Cover in order to meet the Environmental Needs of Present & Future Generations

Dairy Revolution Project

Encouraging group of farmers to work on Milk dairy farming, especially A2 – Indian cow farming

Mission Cashless Olipur

Choosing a tech-savvy path and adopting a 100% digital payment system for sale and purchase activity

Bihar Digital Literacy Mission

Empowering at least one person per household with transformative digital literacy

Skill Development Project

Ensuring skill development of rural population living in Sitamarhi and other parts of Bihar

Mission Rozgar

Establishing call centers, mini-scale and micro-scale startups, and creating employment opportunities

RO Water Delivery Project

Providing pure water drinking solutions for villagers living in Olipur Sitamarhi, and other villages of Bihar

Street Light Bihar Project

Installing solar street lights in villages of Sitamarhi, and other parts of Bihar

Sanitization Drive

Intense sanitization drive is going on a regular basis in Olipur and other villages of Sitamarhi.