Preserving the Culture of Vedic Bharat

Hindrise Gaushala/Hindrise Gau Sanvardhan Aashram is a revolutionary initiative taken by Narendra Kumar in order to protect mother cows and create a blissful environment to enhance their way of living.

Objectives behind the Formation of Hindrise Gaushala-

  • To protect desi indigenous cow breeds from violence and cruelty
  • To rescue illegally transported cattle
  • To take care of injured and abandoned cows, bulls, and calves rescued from the trap of slaughterhouses
  • To provide regular health check-up facilities to the divine creatures
  • To provide medical treatment to ailing cows with the help of veterinary professionals
  • To increase awareness about the religious and scientific importance of cows and dairy products
  • To develop and promote our desi Indian cow breeds
  • To improve the milking capacity of cows without using any unethical means
  • To restore the traditional religious beliefs and values associated with Gau-culture
  • To maintain the dignity and pride of Indian cows
  • To meet their daily dietary requirements by making the arrangement for Gau-aahaar
  • To improve and purify indigenous cow breeds under our Indian Cow Breed Improvement Programme
  • To enlighten cow breeders, students, and farmers by organizing capacity-building and training workshops
  • To construct a first-of-its-kind Gaumata Mandir, a temple dedicated to Gaumata
  • To develop a Gauseva Dham hospital, a centre where all the injured cows will receive timely high-class treatment
  • To make the Gaushala sustainable by promoting the sale of dairy products and byproducts
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