Feed the Needy

A part of Narendra Kumar's vision, "Feed the Needy Campaign," revolves around eradicating hunger, food wastage, and serving hungry souls. Millions of lives have been traumatized and affected throughout the world amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Millions of Indians are suffering who can't manage their food on a daily basis for themselves. Therefore, the team members working all day and night to convert Narendra Kumar's dream into reality have become the Corona warriors in the challenging hours to make food available for everyone.

People unable to get access to food and starvation cases in India are not limited to the Corona period, but it was before the pandemic and will be there even if the pandemic will end in the future course of time. Unfortunately, many underprivileged people can't manage three square meals per day; Thus, "Feed the Needy Campaign" initiated by Narendra Kumar would help in getting most of the hungry ones served.

Food is the primary right of all human beings, regardless of their religion, caste, doctrine, etc. Hence, it's required to have food in sufficient quantity for all those people who are suffering in this world due to hunger. Narendra Kumar believes that such people should lead a healthy life. For that reason, he has formed a group of individuals willing to make their immense contribution in plucking out the seeds of hunger and malnutrition from the marginalized communities.

Recently, a team led by Narendra Kumar has made a distribution of near about 4 lakh food packets in various parts of Delhi NCR. In addition to this, 2 lakh ration kits have been distributed to migrant workers.

Feed the Needy Campaign

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