Education for All

The Supreme Court of India made a declaration in 1993 that up to 14 Yrs of age, education is the fundamental right of all the children in India. The worth of meaningful education is beyond the economic and social status of children as everybody deserves to get access to education to become a responsible citizen of the country. Education is more than subjective knowledge as it encompasses the understanding of various topics and life-related points that didn't find the place in the syllabus.

A major section of children from the disadvantaged group of society lacks the basic education and educational facilities that prevent them from growing as the vital resources capable of being useful for the nation. It's a fact of worry that a progressive nation like India still has its resources under the fetters of illiteracy. Narendra Kumar has shaped up his visionary thoughts and has taken actions that have shown promising outcomes in the direction of education boy and girl child and strengthen the base of our country like never before. He believes that his desires of uplifting the nation in every sector, including education, are being fulfilled with the support of volunteers and co-workers who are proactively working with the same passion.

His team members are engaged in the distribution of stationery items, books, pens, etc. They are also conducting educational programs from time to time for the underprivileged ones to make them stand amid the existent competition. Besides this, Narendra Kumar feels that this is just the beginning of his journey, and he is all set to travel miles with everyone's love, support, and blessings.

Education for All children

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